Wednesday, October 19, 2011

On the Subject of my Crazy Life: Drawing 2 Class

Just some work from my Drawing 2 class!  Sorry for the blurry and dark photos, the pieces are much to big to scan, and I took these photos inside where it was rather dimly lit already.  As always, click the photos to see a bigger image!

I like to call this "The Deconstruction of a Petticoat."  The assignment was to draw an article of clothing without any background.  I obviously chose my petticoat because I really like drawing the fabric folds.  A lot.
Petticoat!  First take-home assignment.  Done in pencil (mostly mechanical pencil!)

After a couple of assignments in pencil, we moved on to stick and ink.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with this medium, it is literally a stick that has been sharpened to a drawing point at one end and the other end is left brush-like.  Then you dip either end into ink and draw with it.  The whole process is rather labor intensive because you have to press down really hard to get the ink out of the porous stick after the initial ink on the outside is gone.
Still life done mostly in class.  Stick and ink

This is the most recent assignment we did in class.  Technically this assignment is due Monday, so I still have time to do some more editing, but I am happy with it so far, so I might just be done.  I think pen and ink is my favorite medium, even though it is ridiculously time consuming!
Still life done mostly in class.  Pen and ink

This has nothing to do with class assignments, but I do like it enough to share!
Bonus!  Hippo Skull in pen and ink!

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  1. Wow, I really love the petticoat one. The folds are done brilliantly <3
    I've never liked stick and ink drawing, too much hard work for me. Although I once drew a nice onion that way /random