Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Drinks for the Drinking Nonthusiast: Magic Hat's Circus Boy

The Contestant:
Magic Hat Brewing Company's Circus Boy

Once again, I had to get the label from their website

The Review:
Here is a little known fact about myself:  my favorite color is yellow.  And the sunshiny label, combined with the fun name, of this hefeweizen, sold me.  I had no choice but to purchase it.  Oh well, on with the review!

What are you're initial thoughts?
I had no idea what to expect from this beer because the label didn't give me any hints as to what the flavor would be beyond the usual wheat beer taste.  It was surprised when it had a rather nutty flavor!  I had never had a nutty tasting wheat before, but this was delicious!  The flavor is rather light in general, but not too incredibly light that it has no flavor.  To compare, Blue Moon is around the same flavor intensity, although Circus Boy is more smooth in my opinion.

How's the price?
I paid about $8.99 US for a six-pack, so it's on the upper end of average price for a wheat.

Would you ever buy this again?
Most definitely!  I enjoyed it, especially for the change from a citrus-y wheat or the powerful UFO.  Plus, looking at the bright label makes me happy when I drink this beer!

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