Thursday, June 30, 2011

Things that I Love and Inspire Me: A Pictorial List

1. Mori Girl/ Natural Kei/ the hippie aesthetic
I just love the sense of freedom and naturalness that these styles portray.  I've always wished I was an elf or some other creature that is so intrinsically linked to nature and a more innocent time.  I know it seems silly, but for a girl who grew up turning to fantasy books to escape reality, these styles are as close as I can get to actually being one of the characters in my books.

2. Mohawks (especially on girls)
Me circa 2009,
right after I cut my long hair into a mohawk
I feel a bit egotistical using my own hair for the picture, but this time in my life was an important one to me.  I've always wanted a mohawk and it suddenly became time to get one (after a particularly horrible breakup).  To me, mohawks have radiated strength and self confidence, none of which I had in great abundance at the time, and still don't to an extent.  I put the "especially on girls" part because I admire other girls who rock such a seemingly masculine hairstyle in their own feminine way.  On guys, mohawks are just hot!

3. Pin ups 
The beautiful Bettie Page
Let's be honest, who didn't see this coming?  I love 50's pin ups.  They are so sexy, and yet not trashy like a lot of females I see in ads today.  Also, as a girl with more curves than a stick, I love seeing beautiful women that were/ still are considered beautiful that are very close to my own size and shape.  It makes me feel more confident about my curves.  And the clothes and makeup and just amazing too. (on a side note, I told my mom that my new slightly V bangs were inspired by Bettie Page and she decided to look her up.  I hope she didn't run into any of the erotic pictures because that might be a bit awkward, even for me!)

There are more things I want to put on this list, but think I'll break it up into sections because there are a lot!

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