Wednesday, June 29, 2011

On the Subject of my Crazy Life: Building a Fort

My roommate's brother is in town this week, and so we took that as an excuse to build a fort in our living room on Monday afternoon. The cats have since torn the fort down mostly, but we might rebuild it tonight or tomorrow to watch movies in again.
The outside of our massive fort.
(Things are a bit of a mess because it was just my roommate's birthday
and our other roommate is moving soon so her stuff is all over the living room too.)
The fort was built completely out of 25 cent sheets (washed first!) from the thrift store, clothespins, thumb tacks, and hooks in the ceiling to help make it better for "kids" of our size!  It was nice and cozy, and a lot of fun too!
My roommate and boyfriend playing Pokemon in the fort. 
We also went out and bought kids snacks, like anything made by Little Debbie and Cheez-its and Cheetoes.  I feel so ill from so much bad food!  But it was completely worth it.  We had the N64 set up, as well as the Genesis, but we ended up spending most of our time watching Disney's Hercules (on VHS!) and eating snacks.  And drinking frozen screwdrivers, because hey, we are all adults, even if we pretend to be kids sometimes!


  1. It's a fort! For people who aren't children! In age, anyways, lol. Forts are so much fun.

  2. We had way too much fun with it! Never did rebuild it though, oh well. Now we have a plan of attack if we ever want to build one again!