Saturday, July 2, 2011

On the Subject of my Crazy Life: Playing with Lolita Fashion

I've never proclaimed to be a legitimate Lolita (or "loli" as I like to call it!), but I have been getting interested in the fashion.  Well, at least the darker and more punk side.  I don't think I will ever want to dress up in pastels.  For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, there are a bunch of awesome loli blogs, but in some freaky happenstance, the Wikipedia article on Lolita fashion is actually pretty good.  Anyway, I was invited to a loli meetup hosted by the lovely Raegan over at Her Curious Elegance.  I was a bit disappointed because my big poofy petticoat didn't come in the mail in time for me to wear it to the meetup, but Raegan let me borrow her emergency petticoat, so everything turned out alright in the end.  Unfortunately, the only full body pictures of my outfit are group shots, but hopefully I'll be able to go out in loli again soon!
frighteningly happy!
What in the world do you have on?
Let's see, I bought the pink and black wig from Minty Mix, a well known lolita wig maker.  It's surprisingly comfortable to wear, although I don't wear it with the head-constricting wig cap because I have such short hair.  That wig cap was incredibly tight and uncomfortable.  But the wig itself if wonderful!  The hat is a present from my dad, and I added the pink bow that you can't really see on the side.  The shirt was a gift from my step-mom because she got to go to the Smashing Pumpkins concert when I couldn't (although I heard the concert was mostly of their new stuff, so I didn't feel as bad!).  The bright pink skirt was made by my roommate, who is the most amazing person.  She stayed up all night just to finish my skirt for the meetup!
This is the best full body picture I got!
Apparently my butt won an award?
The shoes are a pair of Doc Martins I found at the thrift store (best find ever!), and the socks are just black knee highs.  Apparently showing your legs is bad form in lolita fashion, but because we all live in hot, humid Florida, that "rule" is broken a lot.  I was definitely more casual than some of the other lolitas at the meetup, but as a person who is so new to it, I think it made me more comfortable.

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