Monday, July 4, 2011

Makeup for the Lazy Girl or Guy: Pinnacle Glacier Nail Polish Top Coat

The Contestant:
Pinnacle Glacier Quick Dry Polish Top Coat
Picture from their website
The Review:
The only reason I have this top coat is because my step-mom gave it to me when I moved out a few years ago.  I've never been one to keep my nails painted all nicely or do a proper job of it when I did paint them.  Recently however, I have been keeping my nails painted fun colors and patterns, so this top coat has gotten a lot of use.  I had never heard of it, or seen it anywhere, so I did some research and I think it is a time for a review of it!

Is it long lasting?
Very much so!  It goes on extremely thick, and dries that way, but it doesn't chip at all.  I usually repaint my nails once a week, depending on how feisty I feel, and this top coat holds through that week and longer.  Without a top coat of some sort, my nail polish usually has chips in it by the next day.  I will admit, I don't really have anything to compare this top coat to other than nails without a top coat, so it might not be the longest lasting top coat around, but I like it.  

How does it look and feel?
It goes on incredibly thick, like I said above, but this thickness sometimes makes it difficult to apply.  It has a tendency to create little strings from the bottle to the brush (kind of like the strings that sometimes happen when hot gluing), but these are easily brushed away.  Usually the strings don't affect with the appearance of the top coat once it dries.  It dries quickly and will dry the colored nail polish underneath too if you have a problem with nail polish never seeming to dry completely!   However, if you have a pattern on your nails in different colored nail polishes (like polka dots or strips for example), I've noticed that this top coat sometimes makes the nail polish streak when you brush over it with the top coat brush.  That might be because the nail polish was still wet when I applied the top coat though.  Once dry, the top coat still looks thick, but I like that because it makes my long nails feel stronger with the extra thickness.  It dries nice and shiny, giving even my matte nail polishes a high glossy finish. 

How about the price and where to buy?
This is where the top coat gets a bit iffy.  When I first found it online in my research, the website wanted $14 for a .5 oz bottle.  However, I've found the same size bottle of it on Amazon for $5, so it can be bought for a more reasonable price.  I have yet to find it in any easily accessible store, but you might be able to find it at a beauty supply store, or in an actual nail salon that sells home manicure supplies.  I might order more online though, but that goes against my makeup/ nail polish impulse buying!

Would you buy again?
I would really like to buy this top coat again, but because I have only been able to find it online, I probably won't.  I'll probably go into the local beauty supply store and ask if they have anything like it though.  But if you find it, or don't have any qualms about buying nail polish online, I think it is worth the try! 

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