Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Years Resolutions

It seems everyone every year has a resolution to lose weight.  Most of these people only keep it up for a couple of weeks, and then loose sight of their goals.  Like everyone else, I want to lose weight.  Well I guess not so much lose weight as get generally fit.  I'm happy with my body shape and size for the most part, but I am embarrassed at my inability to even jog across my apartment without getting out of breath.  Revealing this embarrassment is a huge step for me.  I've always tried to hide it, but no longer!  I am going to actually do something about it this year.  I plan on editing my diet (not go on a diet, but rather modify what I eat for a lifelong change).  So I am doing Batfit 2012, as well as joining my roommates and boyfriend at the gym a few times a week.  With so many people holding me accountable, I don't think I will fail.

My Goals:
-be able to do physical activities without being out of breath
-lose those "pointy" parts on my thighs (I don't mind my big thighs, but they are kind of pointy at their widest part, if anyone knows what I mean)
-be comfortable in my bathing suit at the public beach (see above goal!)

What I plan on doing:
-keep a food/exercise journal (as suggested on Batfit)
-gym at least twice a week
-cook food at home and bring lunch
-drink plenty of water (something I don't really do)

I will keep up with all of my progress on my blog, so I guess sorry if that bores you!  I want to try out new recipes for lunch and dinner, so I'll try to post those to keep things interesting.

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