Saturday, November 5, 2011

Question for the Makeup Knowledgeable!

I purchased some red lipstick over the summer and wore it a bit then, but I want to start wearing it more now (like to class and such), but I don't want to have to worry about reapplying it every hour.  Any tips to help with this?  I know red is a high maintenance color, but I want it a low maintenance as possible!


  1. Try using lip liner or primer and maybe one of those lacquers that goes over the lipstick.

  2. Lip liner is a must, use some lip moisturiser under it and maybe a lip gloss over it.

    I've also heard that spraying hair spray over it helps it stick but don't quote me on that. Then there are sprays you can use to help it stay. :3

  3. Thanks guys! I will have to try those suggestions ^.^